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As precious as U are to me, as precious no one can ever be
Ema Fatimah
BitterSweet 18 on 2nd Oct
Ite college east, Sport Management

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Monday, September 21, 2009 8:17 AM

i knw i knw...
its been longg i abandon this blog of mine..
firstly, my pc's spoiled.
secondly, i'm a busylady;D
thirdly, i didnt really have e time cause im bad at managing time. lol
fourthly, i think my skin's boring & i need to change but im not too sure how.

sooo thats it really.
my first day of Raya was great! but i manage to go 2 houses.
cause the 2nd house is granny's & so me
& 2nd bro helped her served her visitors all the way till night time!
so tats the reason why we only covered 2 houses. my hands were in pain cause of the never ending dishwashing, but i build firmer biceps thou. lol!
thou u tink it may not be a good experience to be doing work during Raya, but i felt like theres was a need for me to be there for granny thou shes not my real blood granny..I love her aniway. ;) (awww...)

so just nw was 2nd outing. Not bad la. But i ate alot! damn it. i feel so guilty now.
& i had blisters too! ;(( painful u knw.
every yr Raya confirm got one! thats why i hated heels. lol.
ni la org kalo da biasa pkai sport shoeee jek! hahah!

so anw now is like 12midnite & im outside at macpherson cyber cafe.
now is the only time i could update. thanks to bro for taking me here.;D
mum & dad confirm waiting for me at home. balik maybe they nag nag nag. hehehehe.

ok la fellow mates! i gtg now.;D
ill upload Hari Raya Photos soon!
wait up k. *winks*
anw, to someone, imissyou:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 8:50 AM

It's 11.50pm.
I feel so lost, distracted, stone & most importantly stress with the CMS group project! argggh.
How i wish I could get my sleep now. :(
It's been long ever since I got my beauty sleep.
Eyebags are getting more obvious & my face is getting more dull.
Ternyata, sports management has got to do with business.
& Only a business minded & sporty person can survive in this course man.
I wana sleeep!! but I can't. :(
I have to sacrifice for my group. Damn it.
Stupid MS Office not working.
Cant even do my power point.
Cant believe im blogging.
maybe some may be wondering why am I
too busy to even have time to update my blog ryte?
Mayb if I could buy more time then I will update frequently kot.
lol. ;P
anw, just now after school went out with Mum to Airport to buy new sport shoe for myself.
been craving for a running show lately.
my current nike shoe is only for x-training actualy so it
didnt give much comfort to me when i'm running.
Had a good time with mum.
She's like a bestfriend to me.
We bought chocolates at candy empire & ate infront of fountain :)
Can see that she's enjoying the freedom of not working already.
But I do get worried sometimes when she's alone at home or even at work last time.
She's turning 60 in a few yrs time.
Tell me how worried can I be? :(
I love Mum.
appreciate yours as long as they are still alive.
ps: 1 more day to your special day. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 3:26 AM

hey people.. its been 2days Ive been staying home due to my sickness.
I was suspected with H1N1 symptoms but luckily wasnt hospitalise cause
it wont be comfortable for me to stay away from home..:(
Thought of going to sch on tues morning cause I had CMS roleplay but I
was really attached to my bed & I had to force myself to get to the clinic.
I can say this is the 2nd time Im experiencing a very bad fever only tat tis is worse. =S
But today I felt much much better cause I get to eat my fav junks! ;D wee~
I ate cereals, chocolates & durian quite early in the morn today..
& Im feeling much better aft tat, weird but true. :)

Thanks to Mum for sacrificing all her time to look aft me & feeding to my cravings.
She was there for me right from the start & I know she always will. :)
& not forgetting, to all good friends & bestfriends who tag & smsed me well wishes
in regards to my recovery, I really appreciate ur care & concern. & Sorry for not replying
at the moment cause I need to get ppd carD!;D hehehee.

Ohyes, U guys wana know something? U all know ryte about the nenek that jual keropok has became
a hot topic now. & just now while I was watching tv, sumbody came knocking on my door continuosly.
Both mum & me were really afraid to open the door cause we suspected it was 'her'.
I didnt know wat to do coz my heart was beating really fast. I prayed & prayed inside my heart.
I tink mum was doing that too! lol.
Then abt 15mins dad suddenly open the door from outside which gave me a shock! like one aft another gitu.
as usual, mum will go to the door & welcome my dad's return from work but wen she wanted to close the gate,
suddenly an indo girl was walking fast towards our door w a big plastic bag of flowers, not kropok eh.
it was so sudden & she came from nowhere.. baik2 kita da baik demam le demam balik tau! haha!
& she was talking really2 fast I couldnt catch any word tat she was talking. I felt like buying the flowers
but mum rejected. So both mum & me suspected tat the one knocking on our door was tat gerl.
But still we need to keep a lookout on 'dangerous people' if u knw wat i mean.
But hell my heart was still beating fast aft tat. Phew.

Well, I'll stop here for now. Dun wana feel too insecure if I go on talking bout it.
toodles people! Have a nice day loves!:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009 7:32 AM

hey people:) im down with a very very bad cough now. Feel like dying cause Im coughing every few seconds. *faints*
the flam taste like blood, the head feels like bursting & the chest feels like shrinking. argh.
I dun really get this feeling everytime u knw. Thats why Im not used to it. lol. okay, I wont go on
talking bout it so much..

Lately, been rushing through with projects etc. Show Choir is taking it slow for now. Lucky thing no shows
for now or else I will be missing lessons again. But there'll be upcoming shows near oct & then we gonna get
busy again! But for now I really need to focus focus focus in class!

Ohgod, can i not come to sch tmrow? I feel so weak;(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 8:14 AM

Hey Frens & Loves. :) sorry for not replying to ur tags. Didnt have the time to check man.
Sorry k? Some tags I knw its way too long already to reply. But nvm la..hee.
I'll update tomorrow. C ya:)
Tags Replied
Zaza; Nopee. Just letting out my feelings je :) thanks for asking yeah. :)
Mina; heyloo cutiepie! ;D hehe. org tu yg slalu busy.. Meet up soon okie?:) jus set date & time..
Yana; ok done! link u alrrdyy. :) i miss u too hunney:)
WID; Ur very welcomee prettyhead! :)
Billah; Thankss so much for being there for me in times of need:) u were always there. I appreciate ur help & presence love. Lovee u too!
Azizan; Heyloo my frenn:) u r linked k! cya ard in sch. tc :)
Elah; Hey Elah!:) yep ur linked. Love u too cutie.:)
Syafiee; Thanks for ur care & concern bro! :) im okiee already. Hee.
KUEEN; bukan taknak share.. sometimes its jus hard for me to express my feelings. But dun worry la k, u knw I do share some things w u..:) Thanks so much..

Friday, June 19, 2009 10:47 PM

What shud U do wen the ones your close with suddenly change?
& then U feel that U start to drift apart from them..
when U know that U don't want that to happen..
Uve tried ur best to work things out, finding your way back to the right path
but it didnt seemed to work..
U try not to give up coz U know there's still hope in that relationship..
& that things will be back to normal like before..
But wen U know he or she has given up on everything, what shud U do?
give up too?
Wen we are the ones who are suppose to give them a hand,
the strength, to let them get back on their feet again..
But U cant do it alone..
They are the ones who need to help themselves first,
b4 we even give a hand..
I wish for miracles to happen..
I wish to have a reason to make me smile again..
I wish.

Monday, June 15, 2009 11:47 PM

hey readers!(:
my pc's been down for quite some time & i had to reboot etc.
so my bet for not updating almost a month yeah. hee.
so anws, lots of events been happening in tis month & its really tiring, chaotic but super awesome! *smile wide wide*.
As U can see, the picts below was our Flipside performance held on the 8th & 9th June at Esplanade Concourse.
To all Friends & Families who came,
we all hope that U really enjoyed every bit of our performance
& looking forward for more of our performances & we really really
do appreciate your time & presence.(:
It really brought up my spirit wen I see my Love ones there supporting us! *not lying*
well some commented that I didnt really smile or had much face expressions..but nevertheless I'll improvise it on the next show aite.
Anw tis is the first time im performing in public so felt nervous here & there..hehe;D
on the 13th june my class had an amazing race around Spore.
Not really the whole of Spore la..but near marina bay, ct hall area there.
But going ard those places je can make me kurus u knw! ;O penat tk terkata.
Thanks so much to our Beloved Chairman
Syafi'ee & his Girlfriend & Fadillah
for making it a fun one, helping out
& of coz to our CA Mr William or Will.i.am. hehe!
thats wat they called him. ;P
without them, none of this was possible & our class bonding wont get any closer than b4. But sadly, I dun have the picts now but will get them soon from Zuzu.(:
& Thanks Zuzu for being a great leader & thanks for the band! hee
k la k la, dun wana crap alot nanti boring pulak.
Enjoy the picts k!
ohya before that, to names that I didnt mention or wat, dun take to heart or amik hati k. Too many to mention & I also lupa2. Remind me if u want ur name in.(:
Thanks to our photographer Hyekel & ....??
to anyone who took our picts.
Credits to u all!(:

Presenting to U..

Ite College East Show Choir!

Blurred By Greatness
'..you can dance...you can ji-ve..'

'..aint no mountain high enoughh...'
'..baby that's the Best Of Me..'

'..it will all get Better In Time..'


'..mamma mia..'


T H E . E N D

not all picts are in, those who want them email me k! (:
have a nice day!